Deer Isle Yacht Club

Sylvester Cove, Sunset, Maine

Deer Isle Yacht Club Membership

The Deer Isle Yacht Club is a small, local club located at Sylvester’s Cove on East Penobscot Bay.  Members have community ties to Deer Isle and the surrounding islands and support the club’s operation and activities.

The Club’s mission statement is as follows:

The purposes of the Deer Isle Yacht Club shall be:

  • To provide facilities and sponsor activities for the convenience and pleasure of its members in their lawful and proper use of Penobscot Bay and adjacent waters.
  • To encourage amateur yachting, both recreational and competitive.
  • To foster knowledge of and respect for the dangers of the sea, and to promote sound seamanship.
  • To maintain the current tradition of providing a portal to Penobscot Bay and its outer islands
  • To prioritize preservation of resources and the environment in the management of Club facilities.

Deer Isle Yacht Club welcomes inquiries about membership. If seeking membership, two members in good standing are required as primary and secondary sponsors.   The application process is handled by the primary sponsor.  Applicants may anticipate that the process takes about a year and will include events with members in addition to the completion and processing of the application. 

The Club has two levels of membership – Senior and Junior.  Juniors span ages 23-27 years old and Seniors are 28-years+.  Children of Senior members under 23-years old are considered Legacy members and fall under their parent’s membership. 

General inquiries about the application process and membership can be made to:

Calendar of Club Events

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