Deer Isle Yacht Club

Sylvester Cove, Sunset, Maine

Deer Isle Yacht Club Membership

Membership Committee Procedures and Policies

Members shall enjoy all the privileges of the club and its facilities, however no guarantee is made of the availability of dinghy or mooring space; there is currently a moratorium on the placement of new moorings in Sylvester’s Cove. 

Guidelines: Children of current members are considered legacy members and may be exempt from paying an initiation fee. For a detailed list of guidelines for legacy members, please contact the Membership Committee Chair or the Secretary.

All non-legacy candidates shall be sponsored in writing by a member and shall be seconded in writing by at least one other member who is not an immediate member of the sponsor’s family.

Sponsors must have been a member in good standing for at least five years in order to propose a candidate. Members may sponsor no more than one candidate every five years and must know the candidate well.

Procedures: Members wishing to sponsor a new member should request a membership application from the Membership Chair, who will notify them if there is a moratorium on new members, or a waiting list. All communication regarding membership shall take place between the Membership Chair and the sponsor, rather than directly with the prospective member.

Year One: Membership applications should be completed by Memorial Day of the year prior to becoming members. Introduction to the Membership Committee and the Board of Governors should be completed by August 1. Upon approval by the Membership Committee, the prospective members will be invited to the Annual Meeting in the year of application.

Year Two: A vote will be taken by the Board of Governors on or before the Memorial Day meeting in the year following application. Accepted applicants will have rights to use the club that year, upon payment of dues and initiation fee.

The Membership Committee will consider the following when reviewing an application for membership:

  • Location of summer residence
  • Demand placed on club facilities, e.g. mooring in cove or off island, dinghy at float
  • Size and type of boat
  • Applicant’s interest in boating and the club
  • Potential for leadership and willingness to serve

Members with questions should contact Betsy Gooding, the committee chair. Please remember to notify the chair of the Membership Committee of changes in physical and email addresses, or send them to:

Deer Isle Yacht Club
Post Office Box 128
Sunset, Maine 04683

Calendar of Club Events

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