Deer Isle Yacht Club

Sylvester Cove, Sunset, Maine

Guest Mooring

Guest mooring use:

The Deer Isle Yacht Club maintains a guest mooring considered suitable for yachts to about 40 feet in length.

Although the club makes every effort to ensure the optimal condition of the guest mooring, the club does not guarantee the adequacy or safety of the mooring. The club assumes no responsibility for the use of the mooring and anyone using the mooring does so at their own risk.

The mooring is provided primarily for the use of guests of members. Members shall not use the mooring except in an emergency.

No charge shall be made for the use of the mooring.

Use of the mooring is on a first come, first served basis and may not be reserved in any manner.

The maximum stay shall be 24 hours. Any member may request any officer of the club to enforce the 24 hour limit.

A tenant membership does not confer any right to the use of the guest mooring.

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