Deer Isle Yacht Club

Sylvester Cove, Sunset, Maine


Fall 2018 Commodore's Letter


Dear DIYC Members,                                                                                                                                                          November 2018        

We hope you are looking forward to a Happy Thanksgiving with family and friends. After a wonderful summer here on Deer Isle, I am glad to report that all is well with the Deer Isle Yacht Club and its facilities. The weather has changed here on the island and the trees have turned from flaming orange and yellow to an unseasonable white.

The Board of Governors has been busy this past year analyzing the results of our Member Survey. With what we have learned, we are now able to modify our schedule of events to suit our changing demographics. Our aim is to schedule events when the largest numbers of members are on the island.

A copy of the coming year’s schedule can be found in the Calendar section of the website.

The survey also reflects that you and your fellow club members are an active and generous group!  In the spirit of the season, and in an effort to reach out to the Deer Isle community, below is information about Island organizations that you support and participate in.

Mooring work continues to be a priority and will continue next spring.  Jeff Wakelin along with David Decrow and others continue the effort to make our mooring field as safe as possible and organized in a way to best maximize space for our fleet.  Our porch parties are a big hit and some members feel that they should be a weekly event.

Schedules will be posted on the bulletin board. Our BYOB “plus a nibble” will continue to be the rule.

Have a good winter everyone.  Hope to see you on the dock next summer.

Scott Miscione


Spring Commodore’s Letter 2018


It’s still early and cold but the work has begun to prepare our Yacht Club facilities for the upcoming summer season.

The floats and ramps have fared well over this past severe winter I am told by Vice Commodore David Decrow.   Some minor erosion to areas around the pear and parking lot occurred but work is scheduled to begin soon to restore the damage areas and additional rip rap will be installed to help prevent it from occurring next winter.  The installation of our floats and ramp will begin some time around the 15th of May, weather permitting, and will be completed by Memorial Day.  This year the Board of Governors has agreed it was time to acquire our own Whaler to assist in the placement of floats. Our work-boat,  it’s name to be determined soon,  will also be used to continue the process of organizing, maintaining and adjusting the mooring field.  In the past we have used members boats for these tasks but with the amount of work involved now, that practice has become untenable.   Jeff Wakelin who spearheaded the reorganization of our mooring field continues the work this season working along side David, Bo and Brad Laslett  - often on-board Buster Peasley’s steel barge - hauling, examining and resetting moorings throughout the cove.  A huge effort!

The moorings are now are on scheduled to be inspected and repaired on a three year cycle.  Please visit our website to see Rules and Regulations concerning moorings as well as the actual scheduling.

Rear Commodore Tim Vander Mel has developed comprehensive guidelines for the use of the Clubs small fleet of Optis and Lasers.  Safety is first.  All using the boats will be required to wear a life vest, even adults.  Sign in to use a boat is required and there is a minimum age requirement.  Please see the website for all details. Rules will also be posted in the clubhouse. Also, please view our calendar of events scheduled activities.  Presently there are no sailing instructions being offered this season.  Difficulties finding a qualified instructor for our small program continue to be the issue.

Our Treasurer, Bo Chesney assures me that the Clubs finances are sound. Bo along with Betsy Roberson and other Board Members are focused on our long term plans for the Clubs future.  Betsy has initiated a Strategic Plan evaluation project. Beginning with an examination of the continuing relevance of the Club’s Mission Statement.  Board members have completed a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities threats) analysis and are ready to evaluate the results.  The Board will send out a questionnaire to members to insure all voices are heard when charting the future course of the Club.  This work will take place over the next several months and an update of the project will be given at the Annual Meeting in August.

Richard Gresham, our most recently retired Commodore has reminded me  about our Dinghy Rules.  Dinghy space is tight and vessels that don’t meet our guidelines below should tie up at the fisherman’s floats.

•   No boats over 12 feet L.O.A.

•   No boats with stepped masts.

•   No boats with engines over 10 HP.  Outboard engines must be kept in the down position to reduce potential damage to other boats.

•   Boats not maintained in shipshape condition may be removed to parking lot at owner’s risk.

•   Rigid boats shall have fenders to prevent damage to others.

Identification Numbers assigned by the club shall be displayed inside the boat transom.  Boats without club assigned numbers may be removed to parking lot at owner’s risk. Also, boats that exceed the above descriptions should tie up at the Fisherman’s Wharf floats.

The summer schedule is posted on the Club’s website, but for your convenience and review here it is to date:

  • Board of Governors Meeting , Saturday May 26, 8 AM at Pickering Farm
  • Around Pigeon Island Regatta, Saturday July 1, 10 AM
  • Porch Party, July 7, 5:30 PM
  • Butter Island Picnic, Saturday July 21,  Time To Be Determined
  • Empty the Cove, Saturday August 4  Time To Be Determined
  • Cruise To Eagle Island, August 11
  • Bullseye Championship Series, August 15, 16, and 17
  • Board of Governors Meeting, August 18
  • Annual DIYC Meeting and Annual Dinner, August 18
  • Fall Board of Governors Meeting, October 6

I encourage all members to get involved with the Board of Governors and our Committees.  There is much to be done and by volunteering you become part of the decision making process.

I’m looking forward to another great summer season in Sylvesters Cove and out in the Bay.  Hope to see you there.


Scott L. Miscione


Calendar of Club Events

  • No upcoming events